Artist Statement


Arts representation of the tragedies of genocide challenge both artist and audience alike to articulate and interpret the great paradox of genocide and its impact on our lives.  Displays of personal, artistic expression which encompass stories of genocidal atrocities represent profound and painful injustices and tragedies.  These issues confront the artist with multiple dimensions that must be carefully constructed, deconstructed and re-assembled to create a narrative that will be equally authentic and compelling as well as to effectively address the full measure of the parameters of their chosen art form.

I am a U.S. based visual artist specializing in the traditional art form of manuscript illumination embracing modern techniques and applications.  My body of work represents a meta-modernist approach to the materials, techniques and theoretical principals used in manuscript illumination for contemporary consideration.  I am author of Beyond Genocide; an emerging series of illuminations narrating a visual documentary arts perspective on global incidents of genocide and mass violence.  I am also an independent scholar in genocide studies and conducts research / seminars, lectures, workshops and advisory work on global initiatives of memory and memorialization through individual and collective arts expression and the museum experience.  I have contributed expertise in international consultative events such as the African Union Human Rights Memorial Project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and the 5th International Symposium on Genocide and the Pursuit of Justice in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  I currently serve on the executive board of the International Association of Genocide Scholars and as an international advisor for the Winter School in Genocide Studies Dhaka, Bangladesh.  I regularly publish editorials, reviews and essays on genocide, memory, memorialization, art and 21st century expression and education as well as conduct scholars travel seminars to societies victimized by mass violence to better understand the social processes and pursuits of collective memory, truth and justice.

List of the Illuminations of the Series

1.  Afghanistan (illumination completed 2003)

2.  Armenia (illumination completed 2004)

3.  Bangladesh   (illuminations completed 2004)

4.  Cambodia (illumination completed 2005)

5.  China (illumination completed 2006)

6. Crusades and Inquisition (illumination completed 2007)

7. Democratic Republic of Congo (illumination completed 2007)

8. Ethiopia (illumination completed 2008)

9. Hiroshima and Nagasaki (illumination completed 2008)

10. Holocaust (illumination completed 2009)

11. Indonesia (completed fall 2009)

12. Iraq (completed spring 2010)

13.  Namibia (completed winter 2010)

14. Native Populations of Australia (completed fall 2011)

15. Native Populations of Central and South America (completed winter 2012)

16.  Native Populations of North America (completed summer 2014)

17.  Nigeria (completed summer 2015)

18.  North Korea (completed winter 2016)

19.  Rwanda and Burundi

20.  Soviet Union under Stalin

21:  Sri Lanka

22.  Sudan

23.  Tibet

24.  Uganda

25.  Yugoslavia (former)


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