Borrowing Guidelines 2017 – 2018

Beyond Genocide: Borrowing Guidelines Traveling Exhibitions
Museum Grade, School Grade or Digital Presentations: 2017 – 2018
Purchasing Digital Prints

* Beyond Genocide consists of a total of 58 museum grade reproduction display items available for temporary exhibition.
* Minimum Wall space required for entire installation is estimated at 100 linear feet.
* The emerging exhibition currently includes 19 archival, professionally framed illuminated manuscripts and educational text panels representing 19 global episodes of genocide and mass atrocity. As the series is completed individual illuminations are added to the display and are made available for borrowing.

Beyond Genocide: Exhibition and Workshop Fees: 2017- 2018
* Loan fee estimate (per month) for 19 framed illuminations and 39 framed wall text panels: $4465.00
* Loan fee for individual illuminations for a selected installation up to 10 illuminations is $300.00 per month
(shipping, installation, striking or pro-rated extended installations are estimated separately; )
*Text panels are also available in digital file format.
* Full day interactive workshop with artist: $750.00
* One half day interactive workshop with artist: $500.00
* All items to be borrowed are insured for damage or theft by the artist while they are on display, but additional insurance is recommended. For residencies and extended stay exhibitions loan fees and workshop fees are contracted individually

Beyond Genocide: Single Day / Half Day Installation School Grade Exhibition Fees : 2017- 2018
* A total of 58 display items are available for exhibition. Minimum wall space recommended is 100 linear feet.
* Included are 19 matted and shrink-wrapped archival Illuminations and 39 companion text panels and workshop
materials; representing 19 global episodes of genocide and mass atrocity. As the series is completed individual
illuminations are added to the display. See workshop outline for more information about hosting adjunct workshops for augmented learning opportunities.
* Single Day Installation and Strike and Full day interactive workshop with artist: $2235.00
(Illuminations can be handled by the participants)
* Half day interactive workshop with the artist and half day installation: $1735.00

Beyond Genocide: Digital Presentation with Artist Discussion
Digital Presentation 1 hour plus one half hour Q and A $500. with artist
* Above fees for one day or digital presentations include transportation costs up to 150 mi. round trip.
* Longer distance presentations travel will be estimated separately

Beyond Genocide Purchasing Digital Prints for Permanent Collections
* Individual giclee prints on archival paper as artist produced limited edition series of 250, can be purchased for $300.
* Purchasing 5 or more for $275. per print.
*Individual giclee prints on photo paper as open edition, artist produced, digital signature can be purchased for $150 per print.
*Volume purchasing for open edition prints will receive volume discounts.