Bangladesh: Beyond Genocide #3


The proud and gentle country of Bangladesh emerged only in modern times as a sovereign nation. However, the regional distinction of the Bengali people has its origins in antiquity. In 1971 the Pakistani army invaded the geographically separated region of East Pakistan to subjugate its Hindu and British commercial and landed elites. The slaughter and terror unleashed upon the hinterland of Bengal by the invading Pakistani armed forces counts the atrocities in its wake at 1.5 million deaths and over 400 thousand women and girls raped. That the people of Bangladesh emerged victorious in their defense against the Pakistani army is a noted anomaly in the annals of genocide history. This illuminations reflects the pride and honor of the people of Bangladesh and explores the origins of Bengali history through its unique literary heritage, ancient national monuments, lost traditional handcrafts, topography and natural history.

Illumination  Completed 2004.


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